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The Action Steps and Due Dates are measurable indicators of how we are moving towards the attainment of the goal. A wish just hangs out in the subconscious mind similar to when we are ready to blow out the candles on a birthday cake – the wish pops into our consciousness and by time we have finished the cake, we have forgotten the wish. Therefore, goal setting and attainment is an active process. Here are some suggestions for you as you engage in the process:


Are your goals aligned with your principles? You want to experience inner and outer harmony in your Life. Choosing goals that are dissonant with your core values will bring unhappiness if the goals manifest at all. You will feel the tension and struggle at being at odds with yourself. Ask God to guide you to know what you should seek for your Life. Be careful, thoughtful, and intentional about what you seek, and how it will alter your Life. There is an old adage, “Be careful what you ask for, you might get it!”


Look over your goals several times a day. Look over the action plan at least once a day. Put a check mark with a date next to each action step that has been completed.


From the first day you set a goal, act within yourself as if you have achieved your goal already. Change your behavior, attitudes and demeanor to be congruent with where, what, and who you aspire to be. To do so means that you are making the shift to the new patterns that will be required once you obtain the goal. Ask yourself, “What needs to be shifted in me to enable this to happen?” (e.g. relationship to friends, family, money, or schedule).


When you write your goals down – write them in the present tense (I am…, I have…), as opposed to the future tense (I will become…, I will have…). The goal becomes more real for you in the “now”.


Keep your plans to yourself. When you are enthusiastic and excited about what you are going to accomplish, friends, family, and others can quickly burst your bubble by expressing doubt, negative thoughts, and limiting thoughts. They may seek to talk you out of your dream because they do not want to see you fail, be hurt, or disappointed, or they might be jealous. If you do share your goals, do so with people you know are going to champion you onward while giving objective and constructive suggestions. Or, share them with experts in the field of what you need to learn.


Keep your word – even to yourself. Do what you say you are going to do. Otherwise, your word has no meaning in the Universe. Know that the highest honor you can pay to yourself is to keep your word to yourself.


When you mess up, or do not do what you said you would, forgive yourself. Seriously reassess where you are. Modify, if necessary and keep going forward.


Surround yourself with images of the things you desire. This is visualization as a technique to keep you connected to your dream. It makes it real and current. Around your desk at home, and on the nearby walls, for example, place a typed image of the new job title you seek, or college degree you seek. Put a picture of yourself on these images. Caution, if you are in the public eye – these images should be where only you can see them.


If you have a goal, know why it is important to you. What is the reason why you are obtaining this goal? Why does it matter to you? It needs to have deep meaning if you plan to weather obstacles in your path and the test of time.


When the going gets tough, remind yourself of why you are doing it (see point 9). Also, have a system of support and inspiration you can seek: Someone who will listen, but not give in to your doubts, fears, and tears; music that lifts your spirits; someplace you can go to feel relaxed and at peace; prayer and meditation; physical exercise as simple as walking to clear your mind. Remind yourself that you are able, capable and deserving of achieving what you seek.


Break old routines. You cannot do the same old things, the same old way, with the same old people and expect different results in your Life. When you are engaged in the act of creation (the process of achieving goals), you serve yourself well to do new things. This is how you can get new ideas, renewed spirit and energy.


Write out your FEARS on a sheet of paper. Look at them. Plan them out – what can you do to avoid certain outcomes? Should the fear come true, how can you handle it in the future if it happens?

Fear is a Future Expectation Appearing Real. Harness it now. Plan to avoid it, or plan how to hit it head on. Otherwise, it will run you and you will be disempowered to be effective.


You do not have to have all the answers of how to make a dream come true. Dream. Dream big. Believe you can achieve it and take one step at a time. Ask questions. Get information. Learn what you can about what you are seeking and the “how” will unfold.


Passion, Excitement, Joy are necessary components in the context of creating your goal if you plan to go the distance of achieving it.



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