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After all participants completed the walk, we went back upstairs to debrief for almost an hour. After a long time, I finally got enough courage to look at the bottom of my foot to see the small burn. To my absolute amazement, my foot was fine. There was no burn or broken skin anywhere. IT WAS ALL IN MY MIND.

I had allowed the perception of a burn and the thought that I did not do it right, spoil my experience of an otherwise MAGNIFICENT accomplishment. I exerted personal power in moving past my fears to walk on the coals, but the larger lesson I learned is that as a high achiever who pursues excellence, I must also experience a level of satisfaction and joy within myself regardless of whether my efforts beget the desired outcome. To invalidate the good of an entire experience and to allow myself to shut down in dissatisfaction with myself disempowered me and took me away from my aliveness and joy.

I have been on a personal journey since the mid-seventies and have had the good fortune to have personal development mentors of world renown. I have gone through the fire to be forged and prepared to bring insight and understanding to you and your experiences at this time in your life. The process of walking through the fire was a metaphor for taking personal fear and turning it into power. That was the lesson for me at that time in my Life, and it is the lesson we all must get in the process of claiming our personal power.

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The above painting is a mural featuring Ethel, on the rear of Symphony Hall building in Allentown, Pa.



In June of 1984 I successfully completed the legendary Firewalk in New York City, under the guidance of Tony Robbins. What a night! This was truly a barefoot walk over red-hot coals that spanned approximately seven yards in length. As I descended the stairs of The Manhattan Center at 34th Street and Eighth Avenue, I could feel the warmth of the hot coals long before my feet ever touched them. By the time I got to the second floor, the intensity of the heat from the coals outside on the sidewalk felt like there was a fire inside, on the first floor. Normally, I do not engage in high-risk behavior. However, this process of walking on coals had been done successfully by hundreds of others at that time. While I was somewhat assured that no one was severely hurt before, I paused when I felt the heat from the second floor. All I could think was, “Oh, no!

As I exited the door with the group onto the street, there waiting at the curb was a NYC Fire truck, an ambulance, a policeman, and of course, a NYC crowd of friends and spectators. Tony personally inspected each person before he allowed that person to walk across the coals. Our eyes had to stay fixated upward and we were to chant, “Cool moss” as we walked across. We were cautioned to never look down during the passage. I fixated my gaze on the spiral atop the Empire State Building. I went across chanting. All was well until a few feet before the end. I felt something akin to a cigarette burn on my little toe of the left foot. Now, one could reason that if all I had was a cigarette burn after that feat – NO PROBLEM! However, in that moment, I noticed that I got very disappointed with myself that I did not do it “perfectly”. I completed the walk. I did not look at my foot – I did not want to. I gave up playing because I did not do it perfectly. Therefore, I was not thrilled that I crossed the coals; I stopped cheering the others on who were walking after I did; and I invalidated the whole experience for myself as I kept feeling this cigarette-like burn on my foot.


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A Uniquely Designed Life Changing 4-Day Retreat Experience That Will Shift Your Perception of How You See Yourself in the World.

The experience of the Opening The Way Intensive promises that you will walk through the fires of Life's challenges and come through them more powerful then ever. During the four-day Intensive Dr. Craig will take you on a journey of your own personal Opening The Way experience, including BODY-MIND therapies, blockage removing modalities, and a unique nature intensive designed specifically for you. The Opening The Way Intensive is ideal for those who are at a turning point in their Lives, and are seeking to re-evaluate who they are and where they are going. It is ideal for executives, entrepreneurs, healers, artists, performers, and entertainers. more...


“Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong.”
~Ella Fitzgerald


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined…”
~Henry David Thoreau

Sage Woman

She is the nurturer, healer,

and giver of all cares

Her Life force flows

through Wisdom's channels,

with understanding and care.

Her Royal heritage – her birthright

Birthing new nations

from her Love and Light

First time. All time.

This Proverbs 31 woman…

Sage woman who is Regal with grace

is God’s Vessel

© Drayton-Craig, 2009



  spiritual kids

Are your children holding back who they are, their joys, and their triumphs because the people who surround them would be less than enthusiastic about their abundant good?

If the answer is “yes”, then it is time to change who and what surrounds your children in their garden of Life. You need to create a different milieu for them. Yet, so many of our young people are in settings that water their fertile souls with denigrated images of themselves and applaud less than excellence in return for favor and popularity. In such an environment, it would appear that to “hold back” or “shut down” one’s personal greatness is to win. Young people want to be accepted and they want to be “cool”, so they acquiesce to the popular cultural standards.


The key to unlock this stagnation is to provide our youth with people, places, and things that give a different message of who they are, and what they can become. This is a message that hails and nurtures excellence in mind and action. Get your children involved in an activity that validates them as unique creative beings. Check out yoga classes for young people, art classes, digital workshops that allow them to become creators rather than mindless consumers. It is time to get involved in the spiritual development of our children. © Drayton-Craig, 2009



In Life we are exposed to many situations involving people. Hopefully, most of these experiences are pleasant. However, there are times when we experience situations that are unpleasant and at those times, it is important to remember that: I do not control the other person, but I can control my reaction to the other person. I can control my Being and the beliefs I formulate as a result of my interaction with another individual. I control how I conduct myself in the future. We like to think that the social ills of our history are of the past. We have definitely made great strides. Yet, people still may find themselves in adverse situations. They still may find that they are not included by others, and they may face seemingly insurmountable odds in trying to advance themselves.

The keys to being effective as a person in the face of adversity are to know, “I am not my circumstance”. “I control my mental household”. Continue to keep your sight on the positive aspects of Life. Keep your vision for your Life ever present in your mind, and engage in behavior that furthers your personal achievement of goals toward the manifestation of that vision. Work toward eliminating injustice but do not allow your reaction to it to derail your hopes, or minimize your sense of self-worth and self-efficacy.

© Drayton-Craig, 2009

Heaven for me… A Monday morning ride in the elevator

“And I found heaven in the elevator. It was refreshing like water in a drought. It was a dulcet sound to the cacophony of Life. And I was suspended in time. It felt like 4 minutes…suspended from my office and from my home. Never before had I felt this. Never before was this minute, or so, ride so fulfilling and spiritually nourishing. Heaven in an elevator”. What is your simple pleasure?

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